More Maxi Tips

Let’s try not to think of the maxi dress as one that covers up your entire body! It does not and it shouldn’t! Fashion one with a V-Neck or a strapless maxi dress for a better tan on your upper body. 

Although the maxi dress as I’ve mentioned is great for places like the beach, do not be discouraged to wear this dress to a more formal event. Wear some bangles and throw on your favorite pair of heels. Heels can make any dress classy and the maxi dress is no exception to that. Another thing that I love to do is wear large shades with my maxi dresses.

Here in New York, it’s about 20 degrees, but I still wear my maxi dress! I love it!


Why wear a Maxi Dress?

For those of you who have never worn a maxi dress because someone told you that it is made for the women with tall and slender physiques. They are wrong. Most models and mannequins have a tall or slim figure, so never base what you wear off of that. 

The maxi dress is one of the various methods in helping me look taller, I’m 5’2″, so you can imagine. Long dresses casts an illusion of height. If you want, you can sneak a pair of heels in there as well for an extra boost to your height. 

Also, keep in mind that most maxi dresses are baggier than the average dress. So it makes you look slimmer. Maxi dresses are far from the bodycon dresses, so never make the assumption that it will squeeze your body into a tight space. 

The dress alone can help but it’s not magic. It depends on how you wear the dress and how you accessorize it. All of this creates the final picture. I will list a few tips below.

There are other ways to help you look taller and I will go through them briefly here. Wear high waist jeans. Avoid bob cuts or any short haircuts. Avoid wearing large bags. Having good posture.

Layering the Maxi Dress

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, you don’t only wear the maxi dress in the summer time (if you don’t want to). So what if it’s a bit colder outside? Wear something on top! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Wearing a blazer. In today’s fashion world, wearing a blazer is can be classy, sexy, and stylish. It is probably more common to see people wear blazers casually than professionally. Blazers go beautifully with maxi dresses.

Wearing a light jacket. This does not mean wearing a big down jacket, it means wearing a small jacket. Think towards moto jacket or a denim jacket. This is probably the most common way to layer your maxi dress.

Wearing a scarf. Scarves can be worn in almost any season though people tend not to in the summer time. You can wear a light scarf, nothing too big unless it is cold out. 

You can also choose to wear a sweater of your choice. 

Last but not least, my favorite, the cardigan. I wear cardigans with most of my outfits because they’re cut and fashionable. You can wear boy’s cardigans too.


What is a Maxi Dress?

It doesn’t take much for us to learn what a maxi dress is or the different styles of the maxi dress. Most online fashion stores and department stores now have a section specifically for the maxi dress because of it’s popularity and various possible styles. 

As you may already know, the maxi dress is a long dress that usually long and very light. By long, I mean it drapes down to your ankles. Don’t picture a prom dress or a wedding dress though, completely different styles. 

What makes the maxi dress unique?

It is a dress that is intended for the summer, or for the beach. Imagine a dress that flows and blows in the summer breeze. Because of it’s intended purpose, these are usually manufactured with light materials like chiffon. The word maxi is short for maximum comfort. If you have owned anything made of chiffon, you’d know that it is light and comfortable especially on a hot summer day. 

Don’t get me wrong though, people wear maxi dresses all year long so it does not necessarily have to be worn or bought in the summer. Many people wear them throughout the year with a blazer or light jacket. 

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